Chapter Officers’ Committee

Committee Chair: Sue LaFleche, 802-433-1054,

Committee Vice Chair: Joe Hawthorne

Committee Clerk: Tammy Johnson

Members Serving On Committee:

Chapter Officers’ Committee Meeting Minutes

The committee will meet in accordance with the schedule established by the President.

Committee Goals:

Chapter Program Planning:

  1. To work as a committee to develop interesting agenda items and speakers for chapter meetings that will help inform and unite the membership.
  2. To plan and execute social events that will allow members to develop solidarity and union visibility.
  3. To plan and execute community and charitable events to assist members and Vermonters and foster positive public relations with public workers and the citizens at large.
  4. To respond to requests from HQ and committees to sponsor meetings of members to discuss current issues that may need timely/immediate response, reaction and/or assistance from the members.

Increasing Union Visibility and Assisting VSEA Committees:

As requested by other committees, Board and/or staff, assist committees with project work, including:

  1. Membership Recruitment Committee – welcoming new members, recruiting new hires; assisting with Advantage Days.
  2. Legislative Committee – assist committee with letters, phone calls, legislative breakfasts, visits, statehouse days, etc., to actively support VSEA’s legislative agenda.
  3. VTPAC –candidate meet and greets, get out the vote, political endorsement interviews, and
  4. ERN – reminding members of VSEA elected officer vacancies and urging membership involvement
  5. Communications – assisting with the VSEA Bulletin Boards, completing chapter news on the website, submitting articles for the Update and Voice

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