Candidate for State Representative Announcement Democratic Party For Grand Isle/West Milton District

March 30, 2016

I, Evanthia Hill from Isle La Motte will be a candidate for one of the two positions for the Vermont State House Representative for the Grand Isle/West Milton District in the August 9, 2016 primary.

I am running for the position because I feel I understand the needs of our unique and rural community.  Our needs are very different from the larger districts but we still support our state government through our taxes and our voice needs to be heard loud and clear in Montpelier. We are an important area to the State of Vermont and will continue to be.  I will remind Montpelier of that if elected.  As I talk with so many of you, it is clear that we are all passionate about protecting our rural lifestyles and unique community.  Yet we all also know that there is much to be accomplished in our district and our state.

I have been a continuous resident and property tax payer of Isle La Motte since 1971.  Currently I work for the Vermont Judiciary and I have been based in North Hero since 1989, soon to retire.  I have been a Town Clerk, Town Treasurer and GI County Treasurer in the past and have over 40 years of public service.  Holding these positions has given me a deeper understanding of municipal and county budgets and the impact of state legislation on communities, housing, environmental and economic issues.  If I am fortunate enough to serve as one of the two district state representatives, I will work with the local governments in our district to find innovative solutions to the challenges we face on issues of taxation, zoning, transportation, justice, land use, education and other issues that hinder growth and vitality.  I will fight to ensure our district has the resources, services and leadership to attract and maintain good jobs, education and quality of life.  Working together, we can be a unified voice for an even stronger community.  I will do my best to be responsive to residents of Grand Isle County and West Milton and would welcome your suggestions and concerns.

Please consider supporting me by signing my petition and your vote in the August primary.  Thank you.  I can be reached at for comments and concerns.