Awards And Scholarships Committee

Committee Chair: Vacant Seat – Please contact for more information.

VSEA Staff Liaison: Kris Lizzari,

Members Serving On Committee:

  • Marc Grimes
  • Thomas Pendris
  • Nancy Scribner

The committee will meet in accordance with the schedule established by the President. 

Requests for changes to the schedule, or additional meetings, must be approved by the President.

Committee Goals:

  1. Promote the VSEA Awards and Scholarshili programs to the VSEA membership.
  2. Annually review the criteria for awards and scholarships to work with objective criteria.
  3. Recommend ideas for new awards, as appropriate, to the VSEA Board of Trustees.

The chair shall ensure that the committee has completed a written record of each meeting and all actions and recommendations, and shall provide a written report of such information to the VSEA President within 15 days of each meeting.

Scholarship Program

Recommend to the VSEA Board of Trustees, not later than March 1 of each year, a proposal on the division of Scholarship monies – i.e. how many awards and what amounts; and then to carry out the direction of the Board.

Review scholarship applications and determine VSEA scholarship recipients.

Ensure timely notification of scholarship winners, announcements to the membership, and thank all applicants for their interest in the program.

If the Board of Trustees seeks to establish additional or alternate funding mechanism for the scholarship program, participate in such fund-raising activities as requested by the Board.

Awards Program

Ensure timely advertising and distribution of the VSEA Awards and nomination forms.

Review nominations and make selection of recipients for the following:

Frank A. Mazza Award, Terence D. Macaig Award, Steward of the Year Award, Chapter of the Year Award, and Linda Coan Memorial Award.  The VSEA Field Staff will be encouraged to nominate members for the Steward and Chapter awards, and the VSEA Staff will be encouraged to nominate co-workers for the Linda Coan memorial award.

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