Another Cash Bonus For The 3SquaresVT Program!

October 2, 2015


Nice Job Workers!

The awards and praise continue to come to the once beleaguered DCF 3SquaresVT food program. In March 2015, VSEA was congratulating state employees working for the program for dropping the program’s processing error rate down from 9.81% in 2013 to just 2.58% in 2014. The reversal prompted the Feds to name Vermont the nation’s most improved state in 2014. Then in July, the program was found to be “in line with federal standards,” which earned the state of Vermont a $300,000 bonus.

Now comes word this week that the program has received a new $252,344 bonus, again for increased performance.

According to a statement from the State, “the decision to award a performance bonus is based on a state’s Program Access Index for calendar year 2014. Vermont’s calendar year 2014 PAI was 92.99 percent, one of the highest in the country.

Congratulations to all the VSEA members working for the 3SquaresVT program for helping to make it one of the nation’s best.




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