Annual Meeting Awards

Frank A. Mazza Memorial Award

This annual award, the Frank A. Mazza Award for outstanding service to VSEA, was established in 1979, recognizing past president Frank Mazza. Mazza passed away in the spring of 2017.

This award recognizes members who have served VSEA through their time and efforts, helping to achieve the goals of improved wages, benefits and working conditions for VSEA members.

Any VSEA member, chapter, staff, or other groups may make a nomination for this annual award by completing this form to the best of their ability.

Award Recipients:

2022: None

2021: None

2020: None

2019: Aimee Towne

2018: Aimee Towne

2017: Margaret Crowley

2016: Art Aulis

2015: Patricia Bennett

2014: Dave Bellini

2013: John Howe

2012: Terry Lefebvre

2011: Janis Henderson

2010: Sheila Coniff

2009: Ed Stanak

Terence D. Macaig Award

This award will recognize a VSEA member for outstanding contributions or actions that directly or indirectly promote the positive image of VSEA and/or public employees.

Nominations will be evaluated based upon an individual’s accomplishments.

Any VSEA member may nominate a member for this award. Letters of support are encouraged.

Award Recipients:

2022: None

2021: None

2020: None

2019: John Davy

2018: Robin Rieske

2017: Nick Davis

2016: Victoria Thorpe

2015: Shelley Martin

2014: John Howe

2012: Terry Lefebvre

2011: None

2010: Bob Stone

2009: Shelley Martin

Linda Coan Memorial Award

This award, established in 2005, is given in the memory of Linda Coan, a former VSEA member, and staff member. This award recognizes a staff member’s dedication and service to VSEA organization and membership.

Nominations will recognize a staff member who has served VSEA through tenure, excellent service, dedication, promotion values and a positive image of the union.

Any VSEA member or staff may nominate a candidate for this award.

Award Recipients:

2021: None

2022: None

2020: None

2019: Carmen Scoles, VSEA Organizer

2018: Ray Stout, VSEA Operations / Organizing Director

2017: Kris Lizzari, VSEA Communications Specialist

2016: Gary Hoadley, VSEA Labor Relations Director

2015: Amy Kinsell, VSEA Financial Coordinator

2014: Adam Norton, VSEA Policy Analyst

2013: Rebecca McBroom, VSEA Legal Counsel

2012: Mike Casey, VSEA General Counsel

2011: Doug Gibson, VSEA Communications Director

2010: Sylvie Rivard, VSEA Administrative Assistant

2009: Jes Kraus, VSEA Interim Director

VSEA Chapter of the Year Award

This award will recognize a VSEA Chapter for excellence in member participation, activism, and organizing to achieve the goals of the union.

Nominations will be evaluated based on factors such as membership participation at the Chapter level as measured by meeting attendance, chapter programs, legislative action, membership recruitment, member retention, and contribution of the Chapter membership at the statewide level as indicated by Council participation, Annual Meeting attendance, and committee work.

Any VSEA member or field staff may nominate a VSEA.

Award Recipients:

2022: None

2021: None

2020: None

2019: Barre Chapter

2018: Barre Chapter

2017: Brattleboro Chapter

2016: Bennington Chapter

2015: Retirees’ Chapter

2014: St. Johnsbury/ Northeast Kingdom Chapter

2013: Springfield Chapter

2012: Franklin/ Grand Isle Chapter

2011: Retirees’ Chapter

2010: Chittenden Chapter

2009: Central Vermont Chapter

VSEA Steward of the Year Award

This award will recognize VSEA Stewards who have demonstrated exceptional dedication or outstanding service in the role of VSEA Steward.

Nominations will be evaluated based on overall service to the VSEA membership. In addition to specific Steward activities, the Committee may consider other related VSEA service, such as union committee work, collective bargaining (ie. contract negotiations), chapter organizing, or representation of co-workers in worksite Labor-Management or Merit Review Committees.

Any VSEA member or field staff may nominate a VSEA Steward for this award by explaining in narrative form why you are nominating this Steward. Please include comments documenting successes at the worksite, increasing membership confidence or activism, improved working conditions or other relevant factors.

Award Recipients:

2022: None

2021: None

2020: None

2019: Robin Rieske

2018: John Davy

2017: Peter Bartlett

2016: None

2015: None

2014: Deb Franks

2013: Tom Benoit

2012: Rodney St. Denis

2011: Marc McPhetres

2010: Monique Prive

2009: Glenn Boyde

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