AHS Issues Protocol For Employees To Follow If Threatened, Harassed Or At Risk

August 14, 2015

AHS Secretary Hal Cohen sent a memo to all AHS workers on August 12, letting folks know that he and DCF Commissioner Ken Schatz are implementing a “clear set of procedures and protocols for you to follow should you encounter a situation where you feel threatened, harassed or at risk.”

It continues, “Whenever you encounter a situation that causes you to feel unsafe, is potentially violent, or may result in a critical situation, I ask that you do the following:

  • If you believe there is an imminent and dangerous situation, call local law enforcement, then call BGS security;
  • Report the situation to your supervisor; and

  • Submit a BGS Security Incident Report (http://bgs.vermont.gov/security/incidentreport).

Tip: You should bookmark this link on your web browser for easy access to it.

“Your Supervisors will work with management, the designated security person in your department, Dawn O’Toole (Dawn.Otoole@vermont.gov) in the AHS Central Office, and other staff to provide support and determine the correct response to the situation via official Departmental, AHS, and state processes.”


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