2019 Safety & Security Survey


The VSEA Board of Trustees voted recently to send out a survey to VSEA members to identify employees’ chief safety and security concerns and then work with the relevant state entities to address them.

The information gleaned from this survey will be useful at the State House in the upcoming session, as VSEA leaders, members and staff continue to make a strong push for improved safety and security for all state employees and the public-at-large who use Vermont services.  

In addition to sharing the safety and security survey findings with lawmakers, VSEA will also be sharing them with the membership, the State’s Director of Safety & Security and with the state’s Joint Safety and Health Maintenance Committee.

The VSEA Board thanks all members in advance for completing this important survey. Your input is needed. 

VSEA Safety & Security Survey​
If you have any questions about this email, please feel free to contact VSEA HQ via phone (802-223-5247) or email (vsea@vsea.org).