What’s The Alternative Governor? Scott’s Budget Proposes To Close Woodside Juvenile Rehab Center

January 22, 2020

According to a report in Seven Days this morning, during a press briefing in advance of Governor Scott’s budget address yesterday, Scott’s adviser’s told reporters that "’they had scoured the state budget for fat to trim and came up with $13 million in “efficiencies.’ Those include closing the Woodside Juvenile Rehabilitation Center and bringing certain healthcare contracts in-house."


We didn’t hear this from the podium yesterday, nor did we hear what the alternative is for Vermont’s at-risk youth.


VSEA members! Please reach out to your local lawmakers today and ask them to reject Governor Scott’s proposal to shutter Woodside, which is Vermont’s sole facility to treat at-risk youth. Out-of-state placement or sole reliance on community-based care are not the answer.

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