We Are All Jacqui Carlomagno! AOE Worker’s Firing Renews VSEA Call To End Retaliation Against Whistleblowers

January 20, 2016


Just when you think the State and lawmakers would be bending over backwards to ensure federal and state dollars are being spent the way intended, and that each dollar is accounted for, comes this disturbing Burlington Free Press story about AOE employee Jacqui Carlomagno, who says she was fired for reporting what she believed to be improper dispensing of federal grant dollars. She went to the Auditor’s Office with her allegations, and an investigation was conducted. The Auditor’s finding’s supported Ms. Carlomagno’s claims.

Jacqui Carlomagno is now suing the State in Washington Superior Court, claiming retaliation for whistleblowing.

Read The Full Burlington Free Press Story Here

VSEA wishes Jacqui all the best in her upcoming case. A wrong to one is a wrong to all.



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