VTDigger Reports On Senate Budget Proposal To Cut 12 DCF ESD Case Managers. VSEA Continues To Fight Ill-Advised Move

May 9, 2019 

May 9, 2019 



From VTDigger story:

In response to a reduction in demand for Reach Up, one of Vermont’s key social services for low-income families, legislators are proposing to cut 17 of the program’s state-funded caseworkers in the next fiscal year.

The budget passed by the Senate this week eliminates 12 caseworker positions in the Department for Children and Families, and five at the state’s parent child centers — a network of nonprofits that provide services to families with young children.


Steve Howard, the executive director of the VSEA, the state employees union, said that if lawmakers are going to cut Reach Up caseworkers they should cut them from the parent child centers and not DCF.

The state employees union supports the House’s position on Reach Up funding: cutting the parent child centers’ $1.6 million contract to pay Reach Up employees, and adding $1.2 million to the centers’ base budget.

Note: VSEA’s legislative team and First VP Aimee Towne continue to lobby hard against the Senate proposal at the State House. Please continue to monitor VSEA.org, VSEA’s Facebook page, the VSEA Council page (closed group) or the VSEA ESD page (closed group) for developments and updates, as well as needed action(s).

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