VSEA’s 2010 Proposal To Build A Large, Stand-Alone Mental Health Care Facility Got Lip Service But Not Much More

February 9, 2017

February 9, 2017


In 2008, then-gubernatorial candidate Anthony Pollina stood with VSEA members working at the old State Hospital in Waterbury to reject the idea of privatization and to keep the service state-run and staffed by state employees.


Seven Years Later, The Issues and Concerns Of 2010 Remain Largely Unchanged

Here are some excerpts from a 2010 VSEA WIA post, titled "Vermont Association For Mental Health Publicly Supports VSEA Plan To Build New State Hospital In Central Vermont."

"VSEA’s DOC members are telling the union they are concerned the State is adopting an unwritten policy [in 2010] to just warehouse certain mentally ill Vermont offenders in the State’s prison system, where they are being “stabilized but not treated.”

"The VSEA brought architectural plans for a 65-bed, state-of-the-art, safe and therapeutically designed hospital, which would cost $29* million! This hospital, built on state-owned land in Waterbury or Berlin, would be close to Central Vermont Medical Center, where VSH patients are often seen for medical treatment or imaging. It would provide the most modern design in residential space, safe architecture, and access to treatment areas. It would have enough space to fulfill Vermont’s needs for in-patient care for years to come, including active treatment for those poor individuals that the [State] wants to relegate to the Secure Residential Unit. And it would cost $71 million dollars less than the [State]’s plan."

> Read The Entire 2010 WIA Post Here

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