VSEA Vets’ Home Employees At State House To Deliver “Inadequate Staffing” & “Dangers Of Mandatory OT” Message

Photos from VSEA Vets’ Home members Leona Center and John Dunham’s day at the State House on March 21. During the course of the day, the VVH employees found themselves having to correct several pieces of minsinformation being conveyed to legislators by VVH administrators. One is an allegation of 22 "call-outs" on one day, which administrators say really hampered the VVH’s ability to properly staff that day. However, administrators failed to qualify their comments with the fact that VVH supervisors were advising employees to "call-out on Monday" (the 22-deficiency day) due to the weekend OT (mandatory?) some employees had racked up. Dunham and Carter both continued to stress the need for adequate staffing at the VVH.