VSEA President Dave Bellini Responds To Employees’ Reports Of Racial Discrimination At Vermont Psychiatric Care Hospital

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February 9, 2018

February 9, 2018



Several news outlets published stories this week about the results of a recent State Human Rights Commission investigation into allegations of patient-to-employee and employee-to-employee racial discrimination and harassment at the Vermont Psychiatric Care Hospital in Berlin. The findings were disturbing, to say the least.


In response, VSEA President Dave Bellini is sending the following statement to VSEA members today as part of the union’s weekly email update "Week In Action":

“VSEA members are committed to a diverse and safe work place for all employees throughout state service. We condemn racism, bigotry and harassment in all forms, and we call upon the management of state agencies and departments to live up to their responsibility to ensure state employees’ safety and dignity while they are providing public service.

The VSEA considers the recent findings by the Vermont Human Rights Commission, regarding VSEA member and Vermont Psychiatric Care Hospital employee Ismina Francois, to be deeply troubling. It is clearly the responsibility of the Department of Mental Health officials and managers to make protecting the safety, well-being and human rights of their employees a paramount priority.

It is VSEA’s view that Department of Mental Health management is failing to respond to workers’ safety, discrimination and harassment concerns in a meaningful and effective manner.”

The Governor’s office announced this morning that it will be looking into the matter as well, which is a welcome and needed move, but please also look into the assaults on workers while your at it.

You do have to ask yourself who is steering the ship at the VPCH.

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