VSEA Judiciary Unit Leader Margaret Crowley Appointed New VSEA First Vice President!

The recent election of Aimee Towne to be VSEA’s new President left a vacancy in the First Vice President position, but, yesterday, the VSEA Board voted to appoint longtime activist and former VSEA Judiciary Unit Chair Margaret Crowley to the post.

“Margaret is a great addition to the VSEA leadership team, and I know she’ll work hard for VSEA members, just like she has for Judiciary members for so many years,” says VSEA President Aimee Towne. “I welcome Margaret’s knowledge and expertise, and I look forward to helping her transition into her new role as First Vice President.”

Towne says that this Friday, Crowley will hit the ground running, chairing her first VSEA Council meeting; a duty assigned to the VSEA First Vice President.

Congratulations Margaret!