VSEA Judiciary Members Lobbying Legislators Today To Fund Their Retro-Pay

s retro pay day

April 18, 2017

April 18, 2017


After a recent, long and well-documented contract fight with the Vermont Court Administrator, VSEA members belonging to the Judiciary Unit were finally able to ratify a new contract in December 2016. The vote to ratify included an agreement from management to conduct an employee wage review, which was completed and found in favor of raises for the Judiciary workers.

VSEA’s Judiciary members have argued for years that they were not properly classified, and this fact was confirmed by the neutral, third-party’s wage-review findings. Now the onus is on the Vermont Legislature to fully fund the negotiated pay increases. It’s estimated that $300,000+ is required to fully fund the raises.

VSEA Judiciary members are at the State House today, lobbying lawmakers to include money for their negotiated wage increases back to December 15, 2016, when the contract was ratified.

The entire VSEA family is wishing our Judiciary members the best of luck today in their effort!

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