VSEA Files Unfair Labor Practice, Alleging State Bargained in Bad Faith With Three Executive Branch Units

April 19, 2018:



This morning, VSEA filed an unfair labor practice with the Vermont Labor Relations Board (VLRB), calling out the State of Vermont for bargaining in bad faith with VSEA’s Non-Management, Corrections and Supervisory Units.

The charge sets forth a pattern of the State merely going through the motions, engaging in surface bargaining, by making predictably unacceptable bargaining proposals, violating ground rules, insisting on waivers of bargaining rights, and other improper conduct–all with the intent to avoid a negotiated agreement so the contract could be decided by the VLRB at the Last Best Offer stage of the impasse proceedings.

In addition, the Scott Administration used the appointment of a new Board member to gain an unfair strategic advantage during the final stages, withholding information about the appointment and then successfully maneuvering to seat the new appointee the day before the hearing.

VSEA is requesting the Board find that the State of Vermont has committed and continues to commit unfair labor practices in violation of 3 V.S.A. §§961(1) and (6); order it to negotiate in good faith until the parties reach agreement or a valid impasse; and further order the State to refrain from implementing the terms of the Last Best Offer adopted by the Board on March 30, 2018.

Read VSEA ULP Here. (PDF)

This legal process may take several months. The VSEA legal team is continuing to review other additional legal measures.

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