VSEA Corrections Unit Reaches Agreement With State On New Retention & Recruitment Incentives

Last week, the VSEA Corrections Unit bargaining team met with the State to negotiate over pending impact bargaining issues that included recruitment and retention. I am pleased to announce that the VSEA Corrections Unit has reached an agreement with the State and the Department of Corrections to make the following improvements for the next six months to address Recruitment and Retention. This agreement has three distinct parts.

1. RETENTION PAYMENTS in lieu of missed training opportunities for Corrections Competency Stipend that could not be conducted during the pandemic:

All permanent bargaining unit employees shall receive

  • $1000 as soon as possible – depending on the VTHR’s ability to process in your paycheck
  • $1000 again in six months 

Employees who are in original probation

  • $1000 upon successful completion of original probation
  • $1000 upon one year of service in DOC

2. RETENTION COMPENSATION for a six month period, which may be extended upon mutual agreement, for each shift worked in security positions at a correctional facility as follows:

$50 for each full 8-hour shift worked ($25 for each full half shift worked) for

  • Uniform staff positions in a Correctional Facility such as Correctional Officers, CFSS, SOS and any employee that fills a vacancy in those positions
  • Employees who work as “hospital coverage”
  • This additional compensation does include any DOC employee that fills a CO, CFSS, and SOS vacancy
    (Example:  Each full 4 hour half shift = $25, each full 8 hour shift = $50, each full 8 hour shift plus 4 additional hours = $75, each full 8 hour shift plus 8 additional hours “double shift” = $100)

$25 for each full 8-hour shift ($12.50 for each full half shift) for

  • Employees who are on the “standby” list for transport, hospital coverage or facility coverage.   If these employees are called in and actually work they would receive the applicable compensation as described above.

3. RECRUITMENT BONUS for individuals who are hired by DOC to attend a Correctional Academy Class  during the months of September 2021 through March 2022:

  • $250 – Sign on bonus at start of Academy
  • $500 – upon successful completion of Academy 
  • $750 – upon successful completion of original probation (or six months of employment in DOC if not required to serve an original probation)
  • $1000 – upon completion of 1 year of service

All listed amounts are gross payments and will be processed through payroll and subject to applicable taxes and deductions.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Corrections Unit bargaining team.

Thank you

Anthony Giordano
VSEA Corrections Unit Chair