VSEA Benefits Advisory Committee Chair Dave Bellini Responds To Insurance Premium Increase

In a VTDigger story, VSEA Benefits Advisory Committee Chair Dave Bellini explains how state employees argued against health care "premium holidays" in favor of banking the money to prevent increases along the lines of….say 18%. Thanks Dave.

"The VSEA “vehemently” objected to the premium holidays, as well as having no premium increase in 2013, out of concern that doing so would keep coverage costs artificially low, Bellini said, calling those decisions ‘fiscally irresponsible.’

‘What you’re seeing is a rebound effect,’ he said, “We’re getting hit all at once.”

The VSEA would have preferred to see more modest increases this year and over the past two years, he said, but the Department of Human Resources insisted on the flat rate and premium holidays, Bellini said.

Read the full article here via VTDigger