Towne Tells Zoom Audience That House Gov Ops Committee’s Pension Task Force Proposal (Which VSEA Opposed) Passed Out Today On A 9-2 Vote. Next Up, Appropriations

VSEA President Aimee Towne told a crowded Zoom meeting tonight that the House Government Operations Committee voted 9-2 today to pass a proposal that would put 9 non-labor persons and 6 labor persons on a soon-to-be-formed pension task force. VSEA is thanking Representatives Bob Hooper and Tanya Vyhovsky for voting against the HGO’s unjust proposal that stacks the deck against Vermont labor on this important task force.

The HGO proposal now moves to the House Appropriations Committee for review. VSEA will be reaching out soon to members and retirees to begin lobbying Committee members to vote the HGO proposal down. VSEA continues to float an alternative task force proposal that would equally allot seats between labor and non-labor.

If the Appropriations Committee passes the HGO proposal, it would then move to the House floor for a vote. Up next would be a trip to the Vermont Senate.