Statement From VSEA President Aimee Towne

Today, with my two small children cuddled on my lap and my two college kids on a FaceTime, we watched as the judge read out the jury’s verdict in the Chauvin Trial.

Charge One: “Guilty.” Charge Two: “Guilty.” Charge Three: “Guilty.”

Collectively, the five of us screamed— not in celebration, but in relief— and cried with each other.

This evening, justice may have been served, but there is still much work to do dismantling systemic racism and bias. Labor unions have historically been at the forefront of those changes and of civil rights movements.

In the days and weeks ahead, I hope you will join me in reflection on the ways in which we can move forward, growing stronger, together, as we continue our work to build a more perfect union.

In Solidarity,

Aimee Towne

VSEA President