State Is No Show For Today’s Bargaining, Disrespecting AOT Workers Who Were Attending

September 15, 2015

Snubbed By State Negotiators, AOT Members Deliver Bargaining Issues Directly To Shumlin Administration. Left sitting at the bargaining table with no one on the other side, a contingent of VSEA AOT members took matters into their own hands today and marched down to the Pavilion Building to deliver their bargaining issues to the Administration personally. Accepting the workers’ list of issues was Shumlin representative Michael Clausen. After giving their issues to the Administration, the band of AOT workers marched to DHR to deliver their issues to that office as well.
Solidarity with VSEA AOT Members!


We believe that a cornerstone of effective state government is good-faith collective bargaining between management and labor. Honest and respectful negotiations between both parties allows for greater transparency and the quality public services Vermonters expect and deserve.

This is why we were extremely disappointed to learn, via written notice, that the State of Vermont would not be present at today’s bargaining session, which was scheduled far in advance. We can only interpret the State’s refusal to bargain today as its negotiators being unprepared or unwilling to hear ideas from frontline workers about how to improve the quality of our work. 

Today’s bargaining session was especially important to a substantial group of Non-Management Unit workers; our AOT members. A large VSEA AOT contingent had taken the day off work to tell the State face-to-face what their primary issues in bargaining were, and VSEA informed the State a week in advance that the workers would be present. The AOT workers also wanted an opportunity to provide input on how Vermont can improve road conditions, safety on the job and recruit and retain quality AOT workers. With less than 24 hours notice, the State cancelled the session.

Do You Think This Is What Respect Looks Like?

Do You Believe The Administration Should Listen To Frontline Workers?

Take Action!

Join us in calling on the Governor to ensure that the State’s negotiators come to the table prepared to respect and listen to workers’ expertise.

Call 828-3333 and ask to leave a message for the Governor’s office.

Here’s the message:

“I am in NMU. I am disappointed that management refused to come to the table today. State employees deserve more respect than that. Management should hear our voices, not ignore them.”

Contact VSEA Organizer Tim Boyle ( or 802-595-9106)


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