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March 12, 2019 

March 12, 2019 


VSEA Department of Health member Erin O’Keefe recently agreed to go on camera with WPTZ when they reached out to her to appear in a story about Vermont’s new infants-in-the-workplace program, which O’Keefe was approved to participate in. However, O’Keefe is concerned that much of what she told the reporter, including a staunch defense of VSEA’s position that the policy must be bargained, did not make it in the story. Instead, she is quoted saying she "respects" VSEA’s position, which, while the only soundbite used in the story, is not at all the only message O’Keefe delivered to the reporter.



O’Keefe wants VSEA members and retirees to know what she actually told the reporter, and we’re happy to share her message with you.


From Erin O’Keefe:


"I am a proud member of VSEA and a full supporter of the collective bargaining process. I am in a position where this program was able to be financially and logistically beneficial to my family, however I can envision many instances where it could fall short for other state employee parents. In and of itself, bringing your infant to work is not a complete solution to supporting families. We need access to high quality affordable childcare and paid family leave option. With access to those supports, programs like Infants in the Workplace could help to retain families in the Vermont workforce."


Thanks Erin!


VSEA is urging every member and retiree who overhears a workplace conversation about the infant policy and VSEA’s position, pro or con, to please educate your co-workers about why VSEA is taking the position it has (policy must be bargained) and the ramifications for state employees if this policy is allowed to implement unchecked. Thanks!




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