Seven Days Shay Totten On Possible VSEA Primary Endorsement

"On May 18, candidates of all parties will genuflect before the Vermont State Employees Association. The VSEA, which represents about 7500 current and retired state government workers, amended its bylaws last September to allow the organization to make a primary endorsement. The VSEA has seen its ranks thin in the past few years due to staff cuts, and its members have seen wage cuts, too. Makes you wonder what they’ll want to hear from candidates. VSEA’s executive committee will decide who, if anyone, to endorse, and will forward the name, or names, to a 150-member VSEA council for approval. The council’s vote could come in mid-June."

What they want to hear from candidates?? Hmmm. Good question. Maybe start with "Please choose one word to best describe the treatment of state employees in the past few years by the State and legislators?"