Save The Salisbury Fish Hatchery!

February 4, 2019 

February 4, 2019 



One of Governor Scott’s budget proposals that VSEA is rejecting out of the gate is his closing of the Salisbury Fish Hatchery. Now, VPR is reporting that others are also not pleased with the Governor’s idea. From the story

Fishing industry experts like Bob Samson, president of the Lake Champlain Walleye Association, say the state will lose far more in economic activity than it will gain in savings.

“It’s bringing so much more to the economy,” Samsom says. “I can’t believe they’re going to target our hatcheries.”

"To be honest with you, I cannot believe Phil Scott going along with this. It’s floored me."


“My main concern is that if the fishermen aren’t happy and they’re not catching fish, then the license sales could diminish and we find ourselves in a bigger hole than we are now,” Rep. Pat Brennan says.

Brennan says if it’s just a matter of coming up with $250,000 to save the hatchery, then he’d propose a modest increase in hunting and fishing license fees.

Note: VSEA represents four employees at the Salisbury facility and will be lobbying hard against this proposal.

Photo: kidsTV – Child feeds trout at Salisbury Hatchery.


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