Political Organizer Robyn Maguire’s May 7 Action Alert Update

E-mail sent today to members’ home e-mail addresses.

Dear VSEA Member,
First, thank you for taking action this week by calling your senators to urge them to support the Illuzzi amendment to H.778.  We generated a substantial number of calls and legislators took notice.
Second, we urge you to continue to check your personal email today, throughout the weekend, and at the beginning of next week.  The legislature is uncertain when it will wrap up, and we are still working to get the Illuzzi amendment to H.778 passed.  — We will need you to take action again!
Third, the Illuzzi amendment to H.778 was not voted on yesterday, but this does not indicate anything negative as the legislature is dealing with many bills in the final hours.  Currently, “Challenges for Change” is dominating the work inside the state house, so the Illuzzi amendment to H.778 and many other important bills have not been addressed.  Unfortunately, we cannot predict with certainty if and when the bill will be voted on, but the VSEA legislative team is in the state house pressing for this protection to be voted on before the session ends.
IMPORTANT:  Although you may have already contacted your senators this week, it will be important for you to do it again when we send out an action alert. In the heat of last minute negotiations/discussions among legislators, it is important that your needs remain ever present in the minds of your senators. Sending them a message while they are voting on an important issue that concerns you is just the way to do that!!!!
Additionally, please encourage your family, friends and other co-workers to take action as well.  If you have a husband, wife, partner, or friendly neighbor who cares about you and your family, urge them to call.
We will be in touch as soon as we have an update.
Robyn Maguire
VSEA Political Organizer
155 State Street, P.O. Box 518
Montpelier, VT 05602
Office: 802.498.1042 x31
Fax: 802.223.4035