NMU Looking For New Board Of Trustees Representative!

VSEA Trustee Seth Perry Stepping Down After Many Years Of Dedicated Service To VSEA And Its Members. Thanks Seth!



            Seth Perry, who has served as the Non-Management Unit (NMU) representative on the VSEA Board of Trustees, has found it necessary to resign his position. On behalf of all NMU members, NMU’s Executive Committee members extend their thanks to Seth for his dedicated and conscientious service during his term as Trustee.

            Trustees act as a liaison between the NMU Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees.  Board meetings are held monthly, usually at VSEA Headquarters in Montpelier. Trustees are allowed administrative leave with pay to attend the meetings, and VSEA reimburses mileage at 45 cents per mile.

            Because Seth’s term expires in September 2011, the Board of Trustees is empowered to appoint a trustee to fill this position until the end of the term. 

            If you are interested in serving in this position for the duration of its term, please send a letter of interest to: 


Terry Lefebvre, Chair


155 State St.

P.O. Box 518

Montpelier, VT 05601  


            The deadline to submit letters of interest is Monday, May 10, 2011.  Members of the NMU Executive Committee will review letters of interest and make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees. An appointment should be made at the Trustees’ Meeting in May.

            Letters of interest may also be sent to ahudson@vsea.org with a note to print the e-mail and put it in Terry Lefebvre’s mailbox at VSEA.

            Please do not send letters of interest to Terry at her home or work physical or e-mail addresses.  Letters not sent to VSEA headquarters will not be considered.

            Please note that if the person appointed to this position wishes to continue in the  position after September, 2011, s/he will have to run for election to the seat during regular unit Trustee elections in August.