Johnson State & Lyndon State Will Unify. Employees Wary

September 30, 2016

September 30, 2016


The Vermont State Colleges’ Board of Trustees voted unanimously on September 29 to proceed with a plan to “unify” the Johnson State and Lyndon State into “one school with two distinctive campuses.”

According to a September 29 Seven Days story, the vote occurred “despite pleas from some campus groups to delay it,” including Lyndon State faculty and an alumni group. The groups contend there are still too many unanswered questions. Many workers at the two campuses, including VSEA members, remain concerned about possible position cuts due to the unification. In the story, the Chancellor says the unification is expected to save $2 million annually, “largely through the elimination of four high-level administrative positions.” He adds that the unification will generate $2 million in new revenue as well. VSEA State Colleges’ Unit members will be closely monitoring the unification process as it progresses.

The two colleges are estimated to begin operating as one accredited college, beginning in July 2018.

For more information, click on a link below:

> Chancellor’s Report and Recommendations on the Unification of Johnson State College and Lyndon State College

> Board Resolution on the Unification of Lyndon State College and Johnson State College

> Unification Advisory Committee

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