In No Time At All, Majority Of Vets’ Home Nurses Sign Petition Against Proposed Schedule–And It Pays Dividends

September 10, 2015


VSEA nursing staff at the Vets’ Home recently wasted no time drafting and presenting a petition to management to express their collective rejection of a proposed schedule they contend violates their collective bargaining agreement. The petition reminds VVH that the nurses recently worked hard to create a schedule they believe works for everyone and it asks VVH management to work with them to amend their proposed schedule where needed and then adopt and implement it.

(Pictured here is LPN and VSEA Steward Karen Tendrup reading the workers’ petition to management before presenting it formally)

“The importance of the petition’s message to frontline nurses was demonstrated by how little time it took to collect 80 percent of their names on it,” explains VSEA Union Representative Rachael Fields. “The VVH petition was started last Friday night and 36 hours later 72 of the 89 nursing employees impacted by management’s proposed schedule had signed it. It was a very strong rejection.”

"We dedicate our lives to caring for our veterans and members and feel that our work should be valued by management enough for them to work with us to create a schedule that respects our contract, our union and our humanity,” adds VVH LPN Stacey Crawford, who helped develop the nurses’ proposed schedule.

Fields says since receiving the petition, VVH management has shelved its originally proposed schedule and is now taking a hard look at the schedule developed by the nurses.

Nice work VVH nurses and supporters!


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