Here We Go Again… Lawmakers Must Find $35 Million In New Revenue

March 15, 2016

March 15, 2016


According to VTDigger, Vermont lawmakers will once again have to scramble in the next few weeks to find millions of dollars in new revenue to balance the budget. Mind you, the Governor built no money into his budget for state employee wage and benefit enhancements, so if VSEA Bargaining Teams can negotiate a deal, that money will also need to be found. VSEA members will remember though that Speaker Shap Smith told the crowd at State House Day that he would be "keeping an eye on the budget as it nears its vote in committee," knowing that the Governor’s budget did not contain any funding.

VSEA members and the union’s legislative team will be watching the budget debate closely in the next few months, praying that cuts to public services don’t once again become the primary vehicle to fund Vermont’s annual budget holes.

There are alternatives. Just ask the Public Assets Institute or the VT Blue Ribbon Tax Commission.

Read more from VTDigger here



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