Friday! Support Your VSEA Bargaining Teams By Wearing Green!

Two years ago, the State forced VSEA members belonging to our union’s Non-Management, Corrections and Supervisory Units–at great taxpayer expense, mind you–to go all the way to the Vermont Labor Relations Board (VLRB) for a final contract determination, which was thankfully in the employees’ favor. Now, two years later, the same three Units are facing a similar, stubborn negotiating game plan by the State, and it’s time now for every VSEA member to help your Teams!

Your Unit Teams are headed to fact-finding on Friday, December 15; the final step before once again heading to the VLRB.

On Friday, December 15, you can support your Teams in worksites across Vermont by wearing something green. It’s that simple. VSEA would also love it if you would snap a few group photos of VSEA members wearing green and send them to headquarters. Photos of VSEA members holding messages for the State and its negotiators are also very welcome. Photos will be posted to as well as VSEA social media pages.

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