Fire Claims House Where VSEA State Colleges’ Member & Her Daughter Were Tenants

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May 16, 2018:


Photo: Caledonian Record photo of fire


They Are Okay, But, Tragically, Their Pets & All Belongings Were Lost.


GoFundMe page now active for Monique and Tiffany.

Just a week after posting about a VSEA Corrections Officer losing his home and pet in a tragic fire, VSEA was saddened to learn that, this past Sunday, longtime State Colleges’ member and activist Monique Prive lost her pets and all her belongings when a house where she was a tenant burned to the ground in West Burke. Monique’s daughter Tiffany also lost all her belongings.

Caledonian Record Story About Fire.

VSEA State Colleges’ Unit Chair Sandra Noyes has been in contact with Monique and she says she is grateful for any help VSEA members and retirees can offer.

Monique wears size 12-14 pants and medium to large shirts.

Tiffany, wears size 7-9 pants and medium shirts. 

For anyone wanting to send a donation and/or a card, the address is:

Monique Prive
312 Depot Street
West Burke, VT 05871


Monique’s mail will be held at the post office where she will pick it up.


All the best to you and your family Monique.

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