Fact-Finder’s Report Leads To Tentative Agreement


November 30, 2016



VSEA Issued The Following Press Release This Morning:

For Immediate Release

Fact-Finder’s Report Leads To Tentative Agreement

After eleven months of difficult negotiations and less than a week after the release of a Fact Finder’s report, frontline Judiciary workers belonging to the Vermont State Employees’ Association (VSEA) returned to the table with the Court Administrator on Tuesday and were able to reach a tentative agreement.
“VSEA members worked very hard to ensure our collective voices were heard over a very long and tough bargaining process,” explains VSEA Judiciary Unit Chair Margaret Crowley. “The agreement reached yesterday will help us support ourselves and our families and will also help ensure that the Judiciary community is strong and that there is a culture of mutual respect. We are excited to now take this tentative agreement to the full Judiciary membership for a ratification vote.”
VSEA is not yet releasing full details of the tentative agreement, pending the upcoming ratification vote by Judiciary Unit members.  





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