Dispatchers Testify In Favor of S.225

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Three Department of Public Service dispatchers were at the State House today to testify to the Senate Gov’t Operations Committee in favor of S. 225; legislation that, if passed, would allow VSEA dispatchers and Vermont Veterans’ Home employees responsible for direct care to retire without a penalty at age 55, provided they have 20 years of service. The dispatchers and VVH employees feel strongly that the daily stress and demands of their job warrants them receiving the same retirement “carve out” provision [no penalty for retiring before age 62 with 20 years of service] that currently exists for the vast majority of other job classifications working in Public Safety and at the Vermont State Hospital.

Testifying today were dispatchers and VSEA members Trish Bennett (bottom left), Sarah Copens (top) and Elizabeth Tracey (bottom right). During her testimony, Copens became emotional when telling the committee about the daily stress that comes with being a Public Safety dispatcher and having to often juggle numerous distress calls. VSEA thanks these courageous members for coming to Montpelier to make their voices heard at the State House.