Corrections Members Say Hazard Pay Would Help Lessen Employee Burnout

Last week, VSEA Corrections Unit members sent a fourth batch of personal worker appeals to the Governor; a continuation of a weeks-long VSEA Corrections Unit members’ campaign for hazard pay. Each week’s batch of campaign testimonials focuses on a different organic theme, derived from hundreds of member testimonials submitted to VSEA to educate the Scott Administration on how its decision to end hazard pay is causing harm to Corrections employees.

This week’s fifth batch of testimonials is to personally let the Governor know how far hazard pay could go to help lessen the employee burnout being caused by the additional job stress created by the COVID pandemic. This week’s testimonials reinforce why these workers deserve hazard pay for their stress and sacrifice.


“Everyone is burned out, employees and inmates alike, and there’s no end in sight to the extra duties and restrictions. Staffing is critically short, and the facility is barely running in a safe manner. Exhausted staff, unsafe working conditions and staff quitting in droves. Morale is in the basement, with no acknowledgment from anyone in the chain of command about our extra efforts. And no hazard pay. This while Central Office staff work from home with no masks, comfy as could be, just dumping and piling extra work on the facilities.”

VSEA is pleased to share these additional excerpts from the fifth batch of CO testimonials that were sent this morning to the State.

VSEA invites members and retirees to help VSEA’s COs get their hazard pay reinstated by sharing these worker stories with your colleagues, family, friends, and neighbors. You can also call the Governor’s Office and lobby our local lawmakers to step up.