VSEA Legislative Committee Chair’s Commentary Calls For Vermont To Be A Leader In Preventing Assaults On Workers

In advance of a special legislative hearing on Tuesday night, highlighting the issue of assaults on frontline workers by persons with mental illness, VSEA Legislative Committee Chair Margaret Crowley wrote this commentary, which appeared today on VT Digger.

"VSEA believes that no employee should ever have to experience violence against them while at work, no matter the assailant’s mental state, which is why VSEA members are committed to helping Vermont officials and legislators develop and implement the nation’s most sweeping worker protections. Employee lives may depend on it."

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Open Enrollment For The New VSEA Discounted Vision Benefit Has Arrived!

A few years back, VSEA leaders decided to try something new when they voted to offer members an opportunity to improve their existing dental coverage through enrollment in a supplemental dental program that, since its inception, has benefited hundreds of VSEA members and their dependents. Building on the success of this initial additional benefit offering, your VSEA Board of Trustees is pleased to now introduce a new supplemental eye-care benefit to help VSEA members and their dependents lower out-of-pocket, vision expenses.

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Dave Bellini
VSEA President

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