As VSEA Waits For Rx Substitution List From Scott Administration, Worker Anxiety Builds

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April 9, 2018:



VSEA still has not received a list from the Scott Administration or DHR that clearly shows there is a substitute for each of the 170 prescription drugs included on a list provided last week to VSEA of soon-to-be banned prescription drugs. This is creating a lot of employee anxiety, confusion and anger across state government, and VSEA truly hopes an A to B list will be delivered very soon. After all, the DHR Commissioner is already on record, saying no one will see their drug(s) cut, so you have to figure she has something tangible to base that claim on, right?

No word yet either on what the plan is for members who have tried a substitute drug (where offered, so far) and had an adverse reaction, forcing them on to a banned drug that might actually work for the patient.

Governor Scott, share the substitute list with VSEA members TODAY!

Here are just two of the many messages VSEA has received about the Scott Administration’s drug ban:

"I am sure at least 3 or more of my son’s anti-psychotic medications are on the banned list. Without these meds (because I can’t afford them) he’s a danger to society, himself and us. It will end up costing me even more having to be off work because my son is out of control. Maybe they want to not cover his stays at the Retreat too. I’m sure coming off these meds will cause another relapse."

"I was diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer back in 2016. I am scared for my future now that there is a potential that I may not be able to receive coverage for the prescription drugs that have kept me alive to this point, never mind the impact of the double copay every time I see specialists and $50 for each MRI. I will be living with cancer for the rest of my life It’s not like the contract’s impact on my bank account will end at a fixed point in time."

If you contact DHR or the Governor’s office, please include an appeal for a substitution list to be released pronto. Thanks.

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