Wish We Were Kidding, But…

The following is from a memo explaining why a private company the State continues to contract with was not performing (yet, whose contract has since been renewed over and over FOR MORE MONEY):

* "Bring salaries into line with comparable positions within the State of Vermont";
* "Sustained high call volumes and increased call complexity have led to accelerated job burnout and staff turnover";
* "Salary rates are no longer competitive in the local labor market";
* "To increase our capacity to handle up to 1,400 calls per day with high levels of service, we propose to
hire four additional [staff];
* We propose" increased starting salaries, adjusting existing salaries across the board and adjusting supervisor salaries from low to high end"; and
* "We propose" the establishment of a training unit.

Looks like the State delivered in making sure this firm’s needs were met. Are you getting the same treatment in your workplace?