What Was VSEA Doing?

Some members have asked what VSEA has been doing for corrections members in the past year. This partial list doesn’t include our efforts to push the management to get you hazard pay or proper PPE. We aren’t just starting to fight for you now, your union has been fighting for you right along.

Protecting Your Retirement

  • In just nine days, VSEA used its considerable power and influence to block pension cuts.

Demanding Action On Understaffing

  • Management has finally acknowledged that we have a staffing crisis. As a result of a meeting VSEA demanded with Governor Scott, the Administration is now preparing a response to our proposal for recruitment and retention incentives.

Fighting DOC’s Anti-CO Bill In The Legislature.

  • VSEA used the power that comes from 6000 Vermont members to block the Commissioner’s radical legislation to subvert your contractual and constitutional rights.

Fighting For 20-Year Full Retirement At 55 For Frontline Staff

  • The VSEA has introduced and is fighting for this legislation.

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