What To Do About The 108 Cherry Street State Office Building In Burlington

January 4, 2019 

January 4, 2019 


WCAX and VTDigger reported on the work and money BGS estimates it would require to rehab the 108 Cherry Street State Office Building’s parking garage in Burlington; repairs employees working in the building have been seeking for years. But it turns out BGS also explored other options for the building’s future, including moving employees out of the building and leasing space inside or even selling the building outright.

VTDigger writes that BGS hired a real estate consultant to come up with recommendations for the building, and the top choice is to rehab the parking garage and hold on to the building–and forget about leasing space–because the office-space market in Burlington is "soft." Digger also reports that BGS sent a report in December to lawmakers on 108 Cherry, saying BGS concurs with the consultant’s recommendation, writing, “It is clear from the 20-year financial analysis that keeping 108 Cherry St. and immediately fixing the parking garage is the least costly option." The consultant estimated renovation costs of $19.3 million, as opposed to the $30 million it would cost for land and a new building. 

A BGS official adds that state lawmakers must now weigh in on the matter. Now that preliminary analysis has been completed, “the Legislature will take testimony and will make their own independent decision as to what they believe is the best option for the state of Vermont,” the official says.

Note: VSEA is working with members at 108 Cherry Street to ensure they will be kept apprised of any and all developments about the building and included in future discussions about its future. As noted earlier in this piece, 108 Cherry Street employees have long been seeking repairs to the building’s well-documented, deteriorating parking garage, especially due to damage some employee’s vehicles have suffered as a result.  


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