VSEA Thanks State Employees During “Public Service Recognition Week”

This week is also when America honors corrections employees.

Vermont State Employees Association Celebrates

 “Public Service Recognition Week” And “Corrections Officers Week”


VSEA Director Says State Cuts Are Tempering This Year’s Celebration  


            The Vermont State Employees Association (VSEA) is proud to join once again with all Americans in celebrating the important work the nation’s federal, state and local government employees do every day.

            Since 1985, America has paid tribute to its public service workers by honoring them during “Public Service Recognition Week,” which, this year, is May 4-10. VSEA also joins all of America in celebrating the dedicated service of our nation’s corrections officers, during Corrections Officers Week.

            “Vermont public service and corrections employees have proven their value to all Vermonters again and again, and we thank them for their continued dedication and commitment,” said VSEA Director Jes Kraus. “Every day, these devoted men and women protect us from harm, keep our roadways safe, provide needed services to disadvantaged families, help keep our children, the elderly, disabled and poor in good health and so much more.” He continued, “It’s unfortunate that this year’s celebration has been tempered a lot by the State’s ongoing decimation of many of Vermont’s essential public services. The Governor’s rush to cut public jobs and services without a plan is causing low employee morale across the state and has injected a fear into the workforce that many VSEA members have never witnessed or experienced before. This year, more than ever, Vermont public service and corrections employees deserve our thanks and support. Because of the cuts that have already occurred across state government, many employees have seen a dramatic rise in their workload. To their credit though, the employees who remain are stepping up and trying to continue to do their jobs—and, in many case, the jobs of their already cut co-workers—as best they can. VSEA continues to be honored every day to represent the finest public service workers in the nation.”

            The VSEA is Vermont’s second largest union, representing more than 7,500 state and other public sector workers.


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