VSEA-RC Solidarity

They Call Us "Retired", We Say We’re Working in Solidarity Every Day!

Since winning VSEA Chapter of the Year at 2011 and 2015 Annual Meeting, the Retirees’ Chapter has consistently turned out the best numbers and spoken out in the clearest voice.

Our significant presence at VSEA Lobby Day in February 2013 added to the Union’s great visibility at the State House. When we show up, politicians notice.

VSEA-RC members testified before the Vermont Senate in favor of the Fair Share bill, which passed and became law over the governor’s signature, and will finally go into effect in 2015. That day, we opened stubborn minds and impressed jaded observers.

Watch the YouTube video here!

Politicians, lobbyists, and the working press acknowledged our experience, eloquence, and endurance!

Vermont Veterans’ Home. Phone-banking. Retirees talk to retirees. Governor’s Town Meeting in Bennington. Flyer. Save the Vets’ Home. We are veterans ourselves.