VSEA Member Mark Blanchette’s Appeal To Help David Sicard’s Family

VSEA member Mark Blanchette informed the union last week about a recent fire this week at the home of his colleague and fellow VSEA member Dave Sicard; a Docket Clerk at the Franklin Court in St. Albans. The fire completely destroyed the second floor of Sicard’s Alburgh home, but the family and pets are all safe and sound.

            Blanchette is offering to collect any and all donations VSEA members would like to make to help the Sicard’s get back on their feet. The Sicard children, Morgan and Paige, lost all of their clothing and toys. Morgan is size 7 on the bottom and size 8 on the top. Paige is a women’s small in a shirt and size 4 in a petite pant. Cash donations are also welcome.

            If you would like to contribute to the Sicard’s, please send your donation to:    

Mark Blanchette: 32 Cherry St., Suite 350, Burlington, VT 05401