Dear VSEA Members,
We need you to act as soon as possible!! Call your legislators today and contact ALL of the Joint Fiscal Committee (JFC) members. Even if you’ve already contacted them recently, we need you to contact them again.
As you’ve already heard, the Administration will not accept the savings we offered for FY2010. Instead, the Administration is attempting to muddy the bargaining process by tying any discussions to avoid layoffs in FY2010 to the bargaining process for FY2011 and FY2012.
VSEA was asked to come up with $7.4 million in savings for FY2010 and we did. We offered a fair and reasonable package that the Administration prefers to ignore in attempt to force us to discuss items that are reserved for FY2011 and FY 2012 bargaining.
Act now!
First, send a quick email to your legislator/s today to tell them that you are stunned by the Administration’s rejection of VSEA’s offer to save the state money and by their attempt to muddle the bargaining process.  Let them know that you expect the Legislature to stand for VSEA. Link below to find your legislator and scroll down for more tips on what to say AND the JFC’s contact information.
Here are tips on what to say:
1. Let them know that you are with VSEA, what town you live in and where you work.
2. Tell them that you and VSEA as a whole have done EVERYTHING possible to provide the $7.4 million for FY2010 and you can’t understand why the Administration won’t accept this offer.
3. Tell them that you are stunned by the Administration’s attempt to confuse the bargaining process. We were asked to provide $7.4 million in savings for FY2010, we did it and they’re still not satisfied. It seems like they just want to implement layoffs.
4. Remind your legislator that the Administration could avoid layoffs.  
5. Tell them that you want them to stand in support of VSEA and to call on the Administration to accept our offer, which is fair, reasonable and delivers the savings VSEA was asked to deliver.
Rep. Michael Obuchowski, Chair:
Wind. County
Ph: (802) 463-3094, (802) 387-5509
Sen. Ann Cummings, Vice Chair:
Wash. County
Ph: (802) 223-6043
House Speaker Shap Smith: Lam.-Wash.-1
Ph: (802) 828-2245
**Note: Speaker Smith is not on the committee, but as leadership in the state house, he should hear from you as well.
Senate President Pro Tem Peter Shumlin: Wind. County
Ph: (802) 828-3806 (802) 387-4447
Sen. Diane Snelling, Clerk: Chitt. County
Ph: (802) 482-4382
Sen. Susan Bartlett: Lam. County
Ph: (802) 888-5591
Sen. Richard Sears: Benn. County
Ph: (802) 442-9139
Rep.Martha Heath: Chitt.-6-3
Ph: (802) 893-1291
Rep. Richard W. Hube: Wind.-Benn.-Win.-1
Ph: (802) 824-5052
Rep. Janet Ancel: Wash.-6
Ph: (802) 223-5350
Rep. Mark Larson: Chitt. 3-2
Ph: (802) 862-7596
Thanks you,
Robyn Maguire
VSEA Political Organizer
155 State Street, P.O. Box 518
Montpelier, VT 05602
Office: 802.498.1042 x31
Toll Free: 1.800.427.5247
Fax: 802.223.4035