VSEA Launches New Television Ads Promoting Public Services And The Importance Of Vermonters

"You Matter, And That’s Why We’re Here!"

Vermont State Employees Association To Launch Ad Campaign Reminding Vermonters That They Matter And So Do Their Quality Public Services
            Today, a new set of television advertisements produced by the Vermont State Employees Association (VSEA) will begin airing for six weeks on network television statewide. There are two variations of the same advertisement.
            The ads feature Vermont state employees representing a broad spectrum of Vermont’s quality public services. All employees repeat the same simple message, “You matter, and that’s why we’re here.”
            “The VSEA Board of Trustees wanted to remind Vermonters of the importance of the public services they depend on to assist and protect them in difficult economic times like these,” explained VSEA Director Jes Kraus. “But as state employees and Vermonters know all too well, many of our critical public services are being decimated right now by the budget cuts. If our leaders continue to just cut and cut—while tabling discussion about alternatives to cuts or ways to generate new revenue—some of our public services are probably in danger of being eliminated altogether.” He continued, “Vermont state employees aren’t blind—or immune—to the economic pain being suffered throughout our state. They care about their clients and they care about their co-workers. Hopefully, the VSEA ads will encourage more Vermonters to join the union’s efforts to save Vermont’s quality public services before it’s too late.”