VSEA Council Members – Chapter Council Delegates

One Council seat is allotted per every 50 members, with a maximum of 6 seats per Chapter. Current seats expire on September 30, 2022. 

If you would like to report an error or request an update, please email vsea@vsea.org

Chapter Council Delegates:

Addison Newport/Island Pond
Barre Northeast Kingdom/St. Johnsbury
Bennington Retirees
Brattleboro Rutland
Central Vermont Springfield
Chittenden Vermont State Hospital
Franklin/Grand Isle Waterbury
Lamoille White River Junction




Addison Chapter President:



Council Delegate:

Robert Barrows, 802-453-3104, robert.e.barrows@vermont.gov


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Barre Chapter President:

Suzanne LaFleche, 802-433-1054, suzanne.lafleche@vermont.gov


Council Delegates:

Sue Viens, 802-476-1624, susan.viens@vermont.gov


Cheryl Reed, 802-476-1633, cheryl.reed@vermont.gov


Molly Dalton, 802-479-8556, molly.dalton@vermont.gov


Sarah Emmons, 802-476-1632, sarah.emmons@vermont.gov 


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Bennington Chapter President:

Victoria Thorpe, 802-447-6586, vthorpevsea@gmail.com


Council Delegates:

Chris Murphy, 802-442-2808, christopher.murphy@vermont.gov


Eric Webster, 802-447-6961, eric.webster@vermont.gov








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Brattleboro Chapter President:

Robin Rieske, 802-257-2885, robin.rieske@vermont.gov


Council Delegates:

Mike Arace, 802-251-2064, michael.arace@vermont.gov


Eric Luebbert, 802-257-2576, eric.luebbert@vermont.gov


Yeshi Salsedo, 802-257-2888, yeshi.salsedo@vermont.gov


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Central Vermont

Central Vermont Chapter President:

Vacant Seat


Council Delegates:

Doug Clithero


Megan Kinlock


Heather Pembrook, 802-434-3870, pembrookh@gmavt.net


Mercedes Pinon, 802-490-6222, Mercedes.Pinon@vermont.gov


Rebecca Trower, rebecca.trower@vermont.gov


Todd Ziegler



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Chittenden Chapter President:

John Davy, 773-319-6986, davy.john.m@gmail.com


Council Delegates:

Steffen Flibotte, 802-859-3203, steffen.flibotte@vermont.gov


Guadalupe Linarte Cano, 802-651-1931, guadalupe.linartecano@vermont.gov


Kim Aloi, kim.aloi@vermont.gov 


Vacant Seat


Vacant Seat


Vacant Seat


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Franklin/Grand Isle  

Franklin/Grand Isle Chapter President:

Vacant Seat


Council Delegates:


Kevin Baker


Scott Cookingham, scott.cookingham@vermont.gov


Brad Dunsmore


Vacant Seat


Vacant Seat


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Lamoille Valley 

Lamoille Valley Chapter President:

Carl Davis, 802-888-1309, avis.carlb@gmail.com


Council Delegates:

Peggy Burbank, 802-888-3009, margaret.burbank@vermont.gov


Wendy Hubbard, 802-888-1353, wendy.hubbard@vermont.gov


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Newport/Island Pond

Newport/Island Pond Chapter President:

Joe Silvestri, 802-334-8922, joseph.silvestri@vermont.gov


Council Delegates:

Steven Glover


Peter Judd, peter.judd@vermont.gov


Dana LaPlante, 802-334-4426, dana.laplante@vermont.gov


Reginald Lantagne, 802-334-3364, reginald.lantagne@vermont.gov


Karen Marchant, 802-334-8906, karen.marchant@vermont.gov


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Northeast Kingdom/St. Johnsbury

Northeast Kingdom/St. Johnsbury Chapter President:

Penelope Morrissey


Council Delegates:

Ellen Hinman


Monique Prive


Holly Simpson


Bill Storz, 802-334-8923, william.storz@vermont.gov


Vacant Seat


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Retirees’ Chapter
VSEA Retired Members’ Chapter Webpage

Retirees’ Chapter President:

Robert Hooper, VSEARetirees@gmail.com


Council Delegates:

Jeff Briggs


Dave Clark


Carol Hammond


Terry Lefebvre


Jane Osgatharp


Vaughn Works



Vaughn Altemus


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Rutland Chapter President:

Matt Jakubowski, 802-786-0075, matthew.jakubowski@vermont.gov


Council Delegates:

Sarah Roy, 802-786-5876, sarah.roy@vermont.gov


Roberta Shutts, 802-747-4609, bobbi.shutts@vermont.gov


Vacant Seat


Vacant Seat


Vacant Seat


Vacant Seat


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Springfield Chapter President:

Peggy Bosley, 802-885-8900


Council Delegates:

Joey Holmes, 802-885-8992, joey.holmes@vermont.gov


Jeff McKee, 802-885-9820, jeff.mckee@vermont.gov


Nicholas Merrill, 802-885-8946, nicholas.merrill@vermont.gov


John Vorder-Bruegge


Liz Walker, 802-885-9810, liz.walker@vermont.gov


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Vermont State Hospital (VPCH)

Vermont State Hospital Chapter President:

Jason Rushlowjason.rushlow@vermont.gov


Council Delegates:

Phillip Ainslie, phillip.ainslie@vermont.gov


Vacant Seat


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Waterbury Chapter President:

Brett Pierce, 802-241-5361, brett.pierce@vermont.gov


Council Delegates:

Jenny-Beth Cook


Josh Cook


Cindy Chonyak


Ron Pentkowski, 802-241-5366, ron.pentkowski@vermont.gov


Kory Stone, 802-951-5054, kory.stone@vermont.gov


Marianne Wolz, marianne.wolz@vermont.gov



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White River Junction

White River Junction Chapter President:

David Fitts, 802-296-5572, don.shaw@vermont.gov


Council Delegates:

Bob Wood, 802-296-5577, robert.wood@vermont.gov


Barbara Kessler, 802-234-9933, barbara.zonay@vermont.gov


Jayne King, 802-296-5532, jayne.king@vermont.gov


Brian Sargent


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