VSEA Applauds Vermont Democratic Party Resolution Against Job Cuts

Referring to the resolution, newly elected VDP Chair Judy Bevans said, "What we have in the budget shortfall is a lack of revenue, not an excess of employees. Cutting jobs, especially with no plan beyond a ‘body count,’ decreases the effectiveness of government and denies access by the neediest Vermonters to the services government provides. It continues Governor Douglas’s attempts to balance the budget on the backs of our vulnerable neighbors: elderly, poor, and disabled people and their families. Cutting jobs is more expensive than raising taxes to keep people working."

Vermont State Employees Association Applauds Vermont Democratic Party Resolution For State Not To Cut Essential Public Services And Employees
            At its March 21 meeting in Randolph, the Vermont Democratic Party passed the following resolution:
"Be it resolved:
That the Democratic State Committee express it’s support to the working people of Vermont, and specifically the members of the VSEA, in their efforts to retain essential services by essential personnel for the benefit of the most vulnerable Vermonters.
We further urge that the members of the State Committee contact both their legislators and the members of their community in an effort to explain the devastating consequences of the cuts being considered."
            Vermont State Employees Association (VSEA) Director Jes Kraus welcomed the resolution, saying it will be very helpful to the union’s efforts in the coming weeks to prevent the loss of 600 more Vermont jobs.
            “The resolution sends a strong message to Democratic legislators that their Party leaders back the VSEA campaign to stop the cuts, preserve essential public services and keep Vermonters working,” said Kraus. “State employees greatly appreciate the Party’s words of support.”