Undermining Veterans Home


VVH Caregivers Support Vermont Veterans. It was recently reported that our state’s leaders, in the administration and Legislature, say they are all in favor of supporting the Vermont Veterans Home — notwithstanding the fact that both are evaluating the possible closing of the Home.

Do they have any idea of the damage they are doing to the Home’s economic viability and anguish that is being inflicted on families and staff, by having such discussions?

Families who may wish to have the Home be the place for a parent or loved one — have concerns if the Home will even exist. Lord only knows what is going through the minds of current residents and their families?

Professionals who may have considered the Veterans Home as a possible employment opportunity will have second thoughts about applying for a position, given the fact that the Home may ultimately close its doors.

And then there are the financial donors who might have the Home as a candidate for a donation who will think twice about making such donation.

Do our leaders in Montpelier have any idea (or do they really care) about the morale of the Home’s existing 220 employees as to what they feel their future might be while strangers pursue financial analysis as to the Home’s future fiscal health?

We all need to work together to secure a viable source of funding for this precious state institution. We owe it to the Home’s current residents, as well as future Veterans, to their families and to the Home’s caregivers.