Top Douglas Officials Recieve Whopping Raises!!!!! Seven Days Totten Reports!

Very disturbing when state employees are taking a 3 percent cut!

Sabina Haskell — 38% raise
John Zicconi — 23% raise
Tayt Brooks — 19% raise
Lisa Menard — 28% raise
Tom Pelham — 10% raise
Joe Juhasz — 28% raise

State’s attorneys and 12 county sheriffs also receive raises

Check, Please!
A few top officials in the Douglas administration are making more money than they did before the recession. Percentage-wise, the two largest raises went to former PR staffers who got promoted to other jobs.

Sabina Haskell received a 38 percent pay boost when she was moved from administration spokesperson to the $85,000 job of deputy secretary at the Agency of Natural Resources. John Zicconi has seen 23 percent more in his paycheck since he went from Agency of Transportation spokesman to the $75,000 post of director of planning, outreach and community affairs.

Other double-digit promotions went to: Tayt Brooks, who received a 19 percent pay raise to become the $79,000 economic development commissioner; and Lisa Menard, who got a 28 percent bump — to $84,000 — to take the job of Deputy Corrections Commissioner.

Tom Pelham moved up from tax commissioner to deputy secretary of administration for a 10 percent increase and now earns $98,000.

Another big double-digit raise went to Joe Juhasz, who was named deputy state auditor by Auditor Thomas M. Salmon. Salmon, you may recall, got popped for a DUI after celebrating the promotions of a few office staffers, including Juhasz. Juhasz’s salary jumped 28 percent, to more than $87,000 year.

Cause for celebration? Not for taxpayers, who have to pick up the tab and suffer the hangover.