State Sends Reminder About July 1 Mileage Rate Changes

Expense types are changing July 1, 2014, for mileage reimbursement. These changes apply when requesting reimbursement for a privately owned vehicle for official business.


Reimbursement for:


Expense Types

Through June 30th


Expense Types

Starting July 1st

Personal vehicle use in State

In Mileage

In Miles – Full



In Miles Reduced Rate

Personal vehicle use out of State

Out Mileage

Out Miles – Full



Out Miles Reduced Rate

Guidance for when to use either the full or reduced rate is available in
Bulletin 3.4: Employee Travel & Expense and Fleet Management Services (FMS).  The FMS Forms and Publications page includes the Trip Calculator, CARS decision matrix, and the Secretary of Administration’s memo regarding the new mileage reimbursement rates.

Generally, the full rate, currently $0.56/mile, is for use when

  •  a privately owned vehicle is the most cost-effective option or when a State vehicle (department, FMS, or rental) is the most cost effective but is not reasonably available. Use of the full rate requires justification.

The reduced rate, currently $0.235/mile, is for use when

  • a privately owned vehicle is not the most cost-effective option and a State vehicle is reasonably available.

The documents referenced above have a complete explanation of the requirements.