State Officials Sharpen Axes To Begin Cuts — THAT DON’T HAVE TO HAPPEN!!

Top State officials should listen to what their people in the trenches are saying: 

"This situation is very distressing. Some of our divisions and units are seeing a demand for services that is higher than ever before. In some areas, position reductions have affected our ability to deliver timely, high quality services to Vermonters. Stress on our employees has increased. Clearly, it is a very hard time," [DCF Comm. Steve] Dale wrote. There is no more room to cut, according to Dale. "We are now at a point where any reductions — even outside of the direct service arena — impact the ability of the Department to function smoothly. We will see compromises in responsiveness and performance in many areas."

But they aren’t:

"My guess is the preponderance would be elimination of positions," [Tam] Pelham said. "If (reductions in force) are necessary that’s clearly a path that we’ll engage."